using essential oils

Ways to Apply Essential Oils to the Skin

The skin not only being the largest organ, but it is also quite important for one’s health. When essential oils pass the epidermis, they get into the bloodstream. In this way, they can get to all cells of the body. Recent studies show that once the essential oils are applied on the skin, it takes about 30 minutes to detect them in exhaled air. There are different ways you can apply these oils to the skin. The best essential oil companies will provide details on how to use their products. Some of the common ways include topical application, salves, baths, gargles, sprays, compresses, and mouthwashes.

Hot or Cold Compresses

cosmetic oilsThis method is quite easy to use. You only need to add the recommended amount of essential oils, and then swish it into the water. You can dip a cotton washcloth and the swish it to collect the oils and place it on the body. This should be done for about 15 minutes until the temperature is not effective. It is advisable to use medicinal quality essential oils to get the desired therapeutic effects.

Spritzers and Sprays

These are quite easy to use too. Fill a spray-toped bottle with distilled water and then add essential oils. Remember that oil and water do not mix. Therefore, shake the bottle well before spraying. After preparation, you can spray it onto the affected areas of the skin a few times. If you want to relieve itching, you should add a few drops of lavender, cypress, and peppermint to distilled water.


Baths offer a great way of using essential oils on the skin. You can add a few drops directly to the bath. However, it is vital that you swish them quite well; otherwise, they can be irritating to sensitive parts of your skin. You can prevent this problem by adding essential oils to the dispersing agent such as milk.

Topical Application

rose essential oilsThis is the commonly used method of application. You can apply essential oils directly to the skin under certain guidance of a reliable aromatherapist. Usually, essential oils are added into a carrier oil before they are applied to the skin. Massage is a good example of topical applications. In fact, most massage therapists use essential oils. You should also note that carrier oils have some benefits to the skin and can be used with the essential oils.

Cream and Gels

Creams and gels are quite similar to salves and are ideal for applying them to the skin. It is advisable to consult your dermatologist to ensure you only use essential oils that are suited to your needs.


Tips for Choosing the Best Physiotherapy Clinic

If your movement is restricted and your reflexes are reduced due to illness, age factor, or injuries, you need to look for the best physiotherapist as soon as possible. Usually, physiotherapists help stroke or injury patients to regain and improve the quality of their life through manual therapies, exercise, electrotherapy, and prosthesis for impairment remedial. A single physiotherapist is just as good as the clinic he or she is operating from. Therefore, you need to choose a physiotherapy clinic wisely. There are many options around the world, but not all clinics have quality standards. In this article, you will be able to know a couple of tips you need to use when choosing a physiotherapy clinic. Keep reading and make a worthwhile decision today.


Treatment Rooms

Among the first things to have a look at before anything is the treatment room. Make sure you choose to get help from a physiotherapy clinic with modern and well-equipped treatment rooms. A good physiotherapy clinic must have private rooms where patients can be remedied without compromising their privacy.


Availability and Convenience

Another important aspect to consider is the availability of the physiotherapist and the convenience of the treatment schedules. The comfort of a given physiotherapy clinic defines their professionalism in their services. You must choose a physiotherapy clinic that values your suggestions. Therefore, they should be ready to give appointment sessions that match your convenient time. Usually, the physiotherapy clinics that are always ready to allocate the best suitable appointments should be given the priority.


doctor’s stethoscopePhysiotherapist’s Efficiency

The Physiotherapist’s efficiency is yet another important consideration that most patients often overlook. Always ensure that the physiotherapy clinic you choose has physiotherapists that are highly trained, qualified and registered with the concerned authorities. A physiotherapy clinic may have all the facilities and staff but still lack the best of physiotherapy services. Make sure that before you start your sessions, the physiotherapist shows you their valid license. A valid and up-to-date license shows that the latter is qualified and is fit to offer the indicated services. Also, when contemplating the issue of the physiotherapist’s efficiency, you must remember to consider their specializations too.


Patients’ Response

A good physiotherapy clinic is one that allows you to seek referrals from their previous clients. Therefore, for a patient to give a good comment on their services, they must have enough physiotherapists and facilities. In fact, the issue of the patients’ response sums up all the above-mentioned factors. The quality of the facilities and the  professionalism of the physiotherapists determine the end results. Make sure you choose a physiotherapy clinic that provides a similar number of physiotherapists that tallies with the number of patients at a given appointment time slot. This ensures that every patient is attended to properly and in time as agreed.



The location factor seems like a minor thing, but it is very important for every patient to keep it in mind when looking for the right physiotherapy clinic. You need a convenient physiotherapy clinic, and convenience can only be realized by choosing a clinic that is within your locality. If you are using wheelchairs, you need to travel a short distance to get the physiotherapy services. Considering the location of a given physiotherapy clinic helps you reduce costs.