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Health Benefits of Going to Concerts

Music has been said to be a medicine to the mind. Concerts are not only good for the entertainment but also for the health benefits it offers you. Attending shows gives you a chance to meet your favorite artists and new people, dance and even reflect on your life among other things. The next time you attend a concert, here are the health benefits your body could benefit from.

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Pain Relief

Concerts are great in relieving the body both mental and physical pain. Concerts block pain from your body because of the endorphins created in your brain when you attend shows.

Brain Growth

Music helps us to travel to places, and through situations mentally, we have not experienced. It teaches us to adapt to different situations. It shows us different cultural backgrounds and helps us embrace other peoples’ cultural perspectives. As such, musical concerts increase our cognitive flexibility and this keeps our minds sharp.


Attending the best damn thing tour brings back the memories you have listening to the songs in the past. It can help you relive those memories of the heartbreak, joy, regrets, sadness, achievements, loss or even anger. This enables you to realize how far you have come in outgrowing those emotions and the lessons you learned in that period. This is therapeutic, and it can even give you the courage to face any challenges you could be facing at the moment.

Physical Fitness

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Attending concerts involves walking, sometimes standing in long queues, dancing to your favorite songs, and jumping up and down during the show. All this could help you achieve more than what you would have achieved had you spend half an hour on the treadmill. You remain physically active during the concert, and thus you are exercising without even knowing it. It is no wonder that people tend to feel exhausted after attending shows.

a hip hop artist performingReduced Stress Levels

As the famous saying goes, music is a medicine to the mind. Music and musical concerts reduce the body’s production of stress hormones such as cortisol. Concerts also shift one’s mind from the negative thoughts and help them focus on the music. Music gives the mind the necessary escape from the depressing people, places, and situations.

During concerts, people often meet new people who share different life experiences. Sharing life experiences is one of the effective ways of reducing stress as one gets a new perspective towards they are facing.

Improved Mental Wellbeing

Attending concerts and enjoying the music together with other people from different races, religion, class, etc. generates positivity and brings a sense of unity. This feeling improves your mental outlook and reduces the feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Attending a concert might mean spending some cash, but with these benefits, it is all worth it. Create time to attend concerts and get to enjoy these health benefits regularly.